Design and construction

With over 50 years of tradition in the railway industry, RELOC is the largest research, development and innovation center in the Romanian railway industry, capable of designing and building a multitude of types of railway vehicles, as well as new equipment for these vehicles.

Designed and manufactured products are verified with over 100 stands certified by the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER).

Research and design activity is focused on:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption (implementation of systems for reducing fuel consumption and reducing the environmental impact for 2100 hp diesel Diesel locomotives);
  • Identifying solutions that reduce energy consumption;
  • Identifying solutions that can reduce the maintenance cost of railway vehicles;
  • Diminishing the harmful influence on the environment and developing sustainability for railway transportion;
  • The use of alternative fuels and alternative energy sources;
  • Developing hybrid systems for maneuvering services;
  • Developing remote control and command systems for railway vehicles for maneuvering;
  • Reconversion of hydraulic diesel traction systems in electric diesel or battery traction systems;
  • Energy consumption acquisition and monitoring systems;
  • Reduction of execution and design times;
  • Use of the latest IT assisted research technologies.

Designed vehicles and equipment meet the latest European standards.