Laboratories and test benches

Test Stands


All repaired equipment is tested during the  production flow and as a finished product.

RELOC’s capacities cover more than 100 stands, many of them certified by the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER). The stands ensure that the subassemblies are tested under conditions similar to those on locomotives in accordance with the standards and standards in force.


  • Stand with variable voltage 0-28 kV, 50 Hz, provided with a contact line, with which the electric locomotives  are tested;
  • Diesel engine bench stand with energy recovery group; Test stands for pneumatic equipment;
  • Test stands for electric equipment.



The Metrology-Laboratory Bureau, authorized / certified by the Romanian Bureau of Forensic Metrology Craiova, carries out tests and checks for:

  • pressures;
  • thermal quantities;
  • electric;
  • kinematics (speedometers);

Measuring instruments are brought into nominal operating parameters after repairs. Metrological checks are performed by comparison with standards that certify the quality of the appliances.

The physico-chemical and mechanical testing laboratory performs physico-chemical and mechanical analyzes according to the repair technologies and standards in force.

The laboratory is authorized by the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER).