RELOC and its innovations, at the European Robotics Week

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RELOC was invited to European Robotics Week thanks to its innovative products, most recently the Batrack locomotive, as the organizers of the event even acknowledge.

Our company was honored to participate in the events and debates dedicated to robotics, as they were a good opportunity to present our vision of the future of the rail industry, as you can see in the video below.

RELOC is the only railway company in Romania that has developed a Center of Excellence, where the emphasis is placed on innovation, research and development and the identification of new solutions based on the technology that will allow the revolution of the railway industry.

RELOC strongly believes that the future of the railway industry, both in Romania and the world, is closely linked to innovation. This belief of our company has been materialized in recent years through two innovative products: the Terra Nova locomotive and the Batrack locotractor, proof that we do translate our belifes into concrete actions. Both dedicated to the railway industry, the two products brought global novelties: in the case of Terra Nova, the ability to use individually or simultaneously the two Caterpillar 630 HP engines, and in Batrack’s case, its ability to run both on railways and asphalt, as well as the possibility of being remotely ordered without requiring the presence of a human operator on board.

Terra Nova and Batrack are 100% Romanian innovative products, designed and built by RELOC engineers. They have attracted the attention of some world-renowned companies such as Caterpillar Inc., the American partner who provided the engines that propel Terra Nova and considered the project to be one of the world’s three priorities. RELOC is strongly determined to continue to innovate and find new solutions for the rail industry, being open to young people who want to live their creativity and ideas. Our company has partnerships with high schools in Craiova, filled with talented young people at the Robotics Olympiad at different levels: local, regional or national, or at the mechatronics and robotics contest where they receive constantly the 1st or 2nd prizes with different teams of students. These partnerships and the constant openness to technology make us, if not the most innovative Romanian railway company, at least a company that wants not to lose its connection with the future.