Graţian Călin – RELOC’s President: We want RELOC to become a major player when it comes to rolling stock production

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RELOC launched the brand-new Terra Nova locomotive at the InnoTrans Fair, the largest international event of its kind in the field of railway rolling stock. The project contains numerous technological innovations that give it a distinct status in the railway industry, as Grațian Calin, President of Reloc SA & Electroputere VFU said.

Reporter: When was the project started?

Grațian Călin – President of Reloc SA & Electroputere VFU: The project was started a year ago together with Caterpillar Inc., a very good collaboration that honors us and which we are confident that we will develop in the future. The idea of ​​manufacturing this locomotive came as a result of the fact that we managed to identify a market niche. In fact, the freight maneuver market has not been exploited to its true potential. This segment is largely served by technically inefficient locomotives, which have a relatively high consumption of resources. RELOC SA selected Caterpillar Inc as a partner, thanks to the technical performance of power pack systems offered by the american company: diesel engine, transmission, converter. The locomotive was built from scratch based solely on a romanian project.

Reporter: What are the advantages of the new locomotive?

Grațian Călin – President of Reloc SA & Electroputere VFU: The locomotive contains a series of innovations that turn it into a truly revolutionary product. The most interesting is the engine operating system. Power pack groups were delivered by Caterpillar Inc. The locomotive can be produced for different types of gauge, with optional equipment, according to customer requirements.

Reporter: Do you intend to sell such units for export and where?

Grațian Calin – President of Reloc SA & Electroputere VFU: Definitely, we intend to deliver the locomotive for export. Moreover, I can tell you that when we developed the partnership with Caterpillar we decided that this company would build a production and marketing line in the US, based on the exchange of experience with the romanian specialists who carried out this project. Practically, through this partnership, Romania’s science and innovation is exported to the US.

Reporter: Are you planning other projects of this kind?

Grațian Călin – President of Electroputere VFU & Reloc SA: Yes, we intend to continue our collaboration with the giant Caterpillar Inc. . The locomotive that we have planned for next year will be a high-powered Diesel electric car. In the medium term, we aim to reach three production lines over the next six years.

Reporter: Is there demand on this segment?

Grațian Călin – President of Reloc SA & Electroputere VFU: Yes, there is demand. The number of clients who saw the Terra Nova locomotive and our stand at the Innotrans Fair indicate that there is an important need for rolling stock on the market and implicitly an important interest in the purchase of this locomotive in the near future. We believe that the European marketplace will have a tremendous potential for development.

We took over the Urban Railway Vehicle (VFU) division of Electroputere together with our projects, people and brand. We are not connected to that part of Electroputere belonging to Al Arrab Contracting Company. We started with massive investments in retechnologization and recruitment of people. In fact, in less than 2 years, we have not only revitalized our business, but we have started production, with great plans to make this plant a major international player for rolling stock production.