Caterpillar works with RELOC to revive the production of locomotives in Romania

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With a long history in the railway industry, RELOC opens new roads with a diesel locomotive – so begins the official press release through which the American colossus describes the first locomotive project in Craiova after 1989, a project considered of strategic interest for the Americans.


“What makes this locomotive unique? Terra Nova boasts two diesel engines and two transmissions, which means the right energy at the right time. For a lightweight load, an engine can be used to save fuel optimally. If the locomotive reaches a steep point, the second engine can be started and the transmission is coupled before losing speed. The locomotive incorporates eight-wheel drive to eliminate slippage in most operating conditions (8×8 transmission).


This new locomotive has 1260 HP and is powered by two Cat ℗C18 engines, with the TR43 locomotive transmission packages. Built for operations and maneuvering procedures on a short rail line (20-30 miles), Terra Nova is ideal for maneuvering and organizing wagons in a marshalling yard.


“CAT engines and transmissions adds reliability, efficiency and environmental protection to the project, making it an interesting project for many European railways”, said Al Helton, Caterpillar OEM Solutions manager. “This is an important project for both Caterpillar and RELOC. It represents the revival of locomotive production for both companies.

Caterpillar OEM Solutions has worked with Eneria, CAT supplier in Romania and RELOC from project development to design and completion”.