The overhead line maintenance rail car, the latest innovative product of RELOC

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What you do if you call yourself RELOC SA, you have a passion for locomotives, you are a company with a tradition of excellence in the railway industry for more than half a century and have already innovated the traction sector twice already, once with the newest locomotive – Terra Nova and the second time with the most innovative shunting device, the BATRACK Loco tractor?


Well tell you what: You continue to innovate railway vehicles and pay attention to the overhead line maintenance rail car!


A fairly familiar railway vehicle for the vast majority of railway industry specialists, the overhead line maintenance rail car was completely re-enacted by RELOC. Our new product can reach a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, benefiting from a power unit using a diesel engine and an automatic transmision box.


Maybe you wonder what makes this new innovative railway product developed by RELOC? The overhead line maintenance rail car is the prefect railway product for the construction and maintenance of the catenary wire, that is to say, the wire serves to power the electric locomotives through their pantographs.


In Romania, the catenary wire is part of the railway infrastructure owned by the state and is managed by Electrificare SA, a subsidiary of the National Company of CFR SA. The latter is the administrator of the entire railway infrastructure in Romania.


Because we are responsable specialists, we have considered all aspects:


– Access is made through a mobile folding ladder, which makes our maintenance rail car accessible.

– The work platform can move vertically and rotate horizontally 90 degrees to the rail axis, making our maintenance rail car versatile to fieldwork.

– The mobile platform can be operated from both the control panel and remotely from the base platform, making our maintenance rail car able to offer multiple options to the operating staff.

– Indoor and outdoor lighting is provided by LED lighting, which makes our maintenance rail car perfectly visible at night.

– The comfort and working conditions of the dredging staff are based on sound and thermal insulation of the driver’s cab, as well as the air conditioning system, making our maintenance rail car usable both in the summer heat and winter frost.

– The ergonomic seat with swivel function, the driver’s desk equipped with monitoring and control devices make our maintenance rail car easy to drive and handle, regardless of the direction in which it moves.

– The pantograph is driven from the driving position, provided with a device for measuring the variation of the contact line, which makes our maintenance rail car safe to operate for the crew.

– the pneumatically operated service brake and the parking brake, make our maintenance rail car to stop and remain stationary safely.


As you can see, we repeat the phrase “our maintenance rail car”, but in fact it is the maintenance rail car of many railway companies in different parts of the globe. We are designing and executing this project, and we are proud to see how successful and how much the latest innovative project is: the overhead line maintenance rail car.


RELOC SA remains committed to its passion for locomotives and its mission to keep locomotives on track. We have been, are and will remain firmly committed to offering the highest quality products and services, including innovating and developing the railway industry.