RELOC and its innovations, at the European Robotics Week
22 November 2017
RELOC was invited to European Robotics Week thanks to its innovative products, most recently the Batrack locomotive, as the organizers of the event even acknowledge. Our company was honored to participate in the events and debates dedicated to robotics, as they were a good opportunity to...
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We keep locomotives on tracks

Passion for locomotives

Terra Nova Locomotive

The most ambitios project of Reloc until now: the diesel-hidraulic locomotive with 1260hp.

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The world’s newest and most versatile maneuvering device..

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Locomotives with batteries and radio

Reloc - Electroputere has always been at the forefront of innovation in railroad traction.

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Below there is a list with all of our partners

  • caterpillarcaterpillar
  • cfrcalatoricfrcalatori
  • volvo pentavolvo penta
  • (Română) scandic-polikraft(Română) scandic-polikraft
  • (Română) bulgarian-railway-company(Română) bulgarian-railway-company
  • (Română) servtrans-invest(Română) servtrans-invest
  • (Română) cfr-marfa(Română) cfr-marfa
  • (Română) complexul-energetic-oltenia(Română) complexul-energetic-oltenia
  • (Română) train-hungary(Română) train-hungary
  • (Română) ispat-sidex-galati(Română) ispat-sidex-galati
  • (Română) grup-feroviar-roman(Română) grup-feroviar-roman
  • (Română) rolling-stock(Română) rolling-stock
  • (Română) autoritatile-feroviare-muntenegru(Română) autoritatile-feroviare-muntenegru
  • (Română) autoritatea-feroviara-bulgaria(Română) autoritatea-feroviara-bulgaria
  • (Română) autoritatea-feroviara-polonia(Română) autoritatea-feroviara-polonia
  • (Română) autoritatea-feroviara-ungaria(Română) autoritatea-feroviara-ungaria